About us ...

For more than twenty years we have been inspired by the magical world of bees. That’s why we’ve created products based on the active ingredients produced by honey bees in their hives. Like bees, we have been swarming throughout Europe to introduce our products. Long-time distributing partners such as Pharmag Lachmair Ges.m.b.H in Austria value our high-end products and our continuously growing customer base.

“We are very proud that our PROPOLIS PUR lip balm stick has received the German BDIH seal, labeling it as a “certified natural cosmetic” Product.”

Our motto is “Be happy – be yourself!” The team at Health Care Products works to create products that we love and believe in, and we are thrilled to distribute them to our customers throughout Europe. It gives wings to our daily spirits to know that you care for our products, too! We’d love to hear from you on our Facebook site.

When you buzz off to a pharmacy or buzz through online shops you’re sure to find our products.